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This is Ben from Iran that I immigrant  to Australia on 2012. I always love to operate my own cafe in Melbourne which I believe here is best city in the world that people love to drink coffee everyday. after I bought my cafe in North Melbourne (Fandango Cafe), I had too much stress to how can I order meat, milk, eggs &... until I earn lots of things.

I read lots of food magazine and talked to many suppliers & check their website until I found the best companies which I believe they did great job for my cafe.

Great Coffee beans, Top quality of bread and... encourage people to come and try our food which was correct and every time customers asked me that whats our bread and asked for everything.

I sold the cafe on 2019 and started to help my friends and people that want to run a cafe but they do't have any information.

I am here to help you and share my great experience with you. 

About Me

Founder & CEO

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