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Hotel Pre-Opening & Opening Services

We manage a portfolio of unique independent and boutique hotels across the globe.
Focussing on the individual character of each property, we turn hotels and resorts into market leaders with our (pre-) opening services.

Our Story

Hotel Pre-Opening & Opening Services

There is a lot to take into consideration and organize during this critical period, building up to the launch of your new hotel. As part of our hotel consulting services, we can help you with pre-opening planning and project management.

We can take all the troubles out of your hand, setting up the operations and strategies for your new hotel. The Benarian team has a lot of experience in this field turning hotel projects into a great success. Focusing on the unique selling points of your property, our hotel management company‘s experts will develop a customized and creative strategic hotel opening plan. Our proven and creative methodology of positioning new hotels and innovating concepts has brought our clients’ solid results with a very positive return on their real estate investment. With our best practices and hands-on approach, we will turn your property to become a market leader and uncover its hidden revenue potential, driving both top-line revenue and bottom-line profit.

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